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Process Service

North TX Civil Process is certified to serve paperwork issued by the courts. We work with attorneys, businesses, and private individuals so that our entire community has access to trustworthy legal support.

Service of legal documents to properly inform an individual or party of their involvement in a legal proceeding. Process service is an integral part of due process, and our local Texas process servers take pride in serving papers with speed and accuracy to businesses and organizations in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.


Electronic filing of court documents in order to be accepted into the court system. We are knowledgeable in accurately submitting paperwork for the highest chance of acceptance by the local Texas county clerk.

Our eFiling system is fast and responsive so that we can file your paperwork easily. Instead of trying to locate all the required information and piece together what is required by the courts, hire North Texas Civil Process to handle your court filing needs.

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Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a vital aspect of process service, as it helps to find defendants from "Easy" to "Hard to Find." With skip tracing, we can attempt to serve even the most difficult of papers since we can work to track down individuals and their whereabouts.

Our trained staff is knowledgeable in tracking down individuals in a professional manner.

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